Monday, July 2, 2007

1979 Chanel Creations Paris

Harper's Bazaar November 1980 Finishing Touches

Cosmopolitan American September 1983

1980 Royal Silk Advertisements

1979 Gianni Versace Gia Carangi, Jerry Hall, & Rosie Vela

1979 Gianni Versace Gia Carangi in Swimsuit

Vogue Paris March 1980 Photographed by Helmut Newton

Gia Carangi Interview

1980 Gia Carangi in White Christian Dior Sunglasses

1982 Diane Von Furstenberg Liquid Assets Knits with Iman and Gia Carangi

Harper's Bazaar Italia April 1982 by Andrea Blanch

Linea Italiana October 1982 by Paul Lange

Cosmopolitan Greek October 1983

Cosmopolitan British August 1979 by Scavullo

Cosmopolitan British March 1980 by Scavullo

Cosmopolitan American April 1982 "The Gift" From Scavullo

1979 11-Page Advertisement Diane Von Furstenberg Gia Carangi

1983 Frye Leather Boots

1979 Maybelline Super Shiny Lip Color Gia Carangi

1979 Christian Dior Umbrella Gia Carangi Photographed by Chris von Wangenheim

Cosmopolitan American July 1979

Cosmopolitan American April 1979

1980 Cutex Re-think Pink Gia Carangi Blowing Bubble Gum

Vogue Paris August 1980

Sunday, July 1, 2007